Michael is currently producing a body of work for collectors and selected galleries, featuring life-size studies of the human form carved from specimen timbers. Each piece is embellished with     

Orsorum, carved from walnut with hair cast in silver, mounted on a tropical green marble base

 precious metals, glass, and stone. The combination of mediums is unique to each sculpture, such as mahogany with sea green glass and black marble or spalted beech with verdigris copper and blue-pearl granite,    

Portrait or figurative sculpture in the realism style is considered challenging, due to the technical accuracy required to produce a true likeness of the subject. This must be mirrored by artistic merit to give the piece a ‘presence’ or ‘sense of life’. This category of work is typically found in mediums that are ‘cast’ such as metals, stones, gypsum or resin after first being modeled from clay.     

Rarely will you find ‘life size’ sculpture of the human form ‘carved’ from solid timber and adorned with complimentary mediums. The result is an exquisite collection of sculpture and a unique art investment for generations to enjoy.