The first technique helps you to hold the carving tool correctly.

Don’t worry if you are left or right handed. Just hold the tool in whichever hand feels most comfortable.

Pinch the shank of the tool between your fingertips and thumb to provide a firm grip. Your other hand should be used to hold the handle and apply controlled pressure required to make the blade cut.

This technique is used for ‘setting in’, which basically means that the chisel makes an incision at 90 degrees to the surface of the timber. Setting in should be done very gently at first, lightly marking a pattern on the wood. You can then steadily apply greater pressure to cut more deeply.

The pinch position should also be used for gripping the tool when removing small amounts of wood. This makes it particularly suitable for fine work.

The pinch position is used mainly for fine work
Use the pinch position also when you need to set in a fine cut