Slipstones are used to remove burrs and provide a finer cutting edge than the honing process. The recomended set of eight tools requires only two shapes of slipstone; both should be of a finer grade than that of the benchstone and they must fit inside the gouge and parting tool profiles.

Using slipstones on the inside and outside of the cutting edge.

1. Hold the slipstone between your fingertips and thumb and rub the length of the stone along the inner shank to remove the burr. It is quite acceptable to form an inner angle on the inside of the gouges. However, I prefer to keep this to a minimum. The main purpose is to remove the burr formed by honing.

2. Rub the slipstone up and down along the ground angle of the chisel, maintaining theĀ  same angel to avoid rounding over the cutting edge. Repeat this process until you feel confident that the edge is razor sharp.